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How to Setup your E-Catalogue

A great NEW tool for every Consultant. Your own online shop! Share the latest Catalogue easily and have orders direct to you – ready for you to accept into your basket/order.


• Allows Consultants to collect online orders

• Is NOT related to online registration (does NOT contain any link to online registration form)

• Is Free of charge. Consultants collect all Discounts and BPs from Customer orders

Go to MY PAGES and click on the E-Catalogue link.

Create your personal url

NOTE:  You can only use: 1-9, A-Z. Do not use your
consultant number, no spaces between words

You can then share this via email, Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media / Mail

E-Catalogue Process

Customers can browse the Catalogue and order with you direct from the E-Catalogue:

• Customer adds products from the E-Catalogue to the basket

• Customer goes to the basket, agrees to E-Catalogue T&C and checks out

• Customer provides contact and delivery details (for YOU to deliver and collect payment)

• Customer submits a Wish list to Consultant.

Customer gets automatic notification about the order (wish list).

• Consultant is notified by email about new Customer’s orders. The orders are in Consultant basket until Consultant accepts or deletes Customers’ orders.

• If Consultant deletes the order, automatic e-mail is sent to Customer notifying them.


• Remember to share E-Catalogue when the new catalogue starts

• It’s important to update cover of the Catalogue, which does not  change automatically on Facebook or a blog.

• Do NOT delay accepting nor deleting the orders, especially at the end of the period, when prices or offers on the products may change due to Catalogue change.

• Report with E-Catalogue orders is available in the Order Tab & under Order History section with your Invoices.