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How to Share your E-Catalogue

Find out how you can maximise the benefits of your E-Catalogue


The E-Catalogue is a great way of sharing and taking orders from your customers online. Read the text below to learn how to use this great tool.

How it works:

The E-Catalogue will allow you to share your own copy of the Oriflame Catalogue to your end customers. Your customers will be able to place order requests directly to you through the E-Catalogue link you provide them. Remember to share the E-Catalogue with your customers every period.

Personal details in E-Catalogue:

When a customer views your catalogue they will see your contact details, name and e-mail address, in the upper right corner of your personal E-Catalogue. Please check that your data is correct and make changes if necessary. Changes to your profile can be made under "My Profile".

The personal link to your E-Catalogue:

Before starting to share of E-Catalogue, you have the option to create a personalised link to your E-catalogue. Please note that you can only edit your personal link only once, before you start sharing your e-catalogue to customers and friends.

Share through E-mail:

Click on the e-mail icon, add the e-mail address to which you want to send your E-catalogue. You can add a personal accompanying text in the "Message" box.

Share through Blog:

Click on the icon of the Blog and copy the code to publish the E-Catalogue on your Blog.

Share through Social Media:

Click on the Twitter or Facebook icon to share through your Social Media Channels. The link to your E-Catalogue will appear automatically and then you can add in the personal message to your followers.